Saturday, October 31, 2009

Obsession kills

I'm beginning to think that my obsession is in KPOP, particularly with 2NE1 is consuming me. I spend my every waking day thinking about them. The big chunk of time during the day is spent in front of the computer, surfing the net and finding something new about KPOP. It's like I lost control and let this urge of obsessing over Koreans take over me. According to Bo Sanchez, obsession is a way to fill emptiness in each of us. I think it's our coping mechanism working when we unintentionally develop an obsession. I also think that obsession is a reflection of the desires of our hearts. Paula Rinehart tells her readers that it is important not to disregard our desires. We should let it lead us because it is where we will discover the reason for living. I guess what really bothers me right now is that I don't have balance in my life right now. I like KPOP too much and 2NE1 way tooooo much. While there is nothing wrong about liking something so much, there still has to be balance. I should go back to the balancing everything in my life so that I'd be able to feel the peace again.

I haven't said this in a long time. Thank you Lord. I will always be thankful for everything.

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