Friday, July 18, 2008

paramita album

full of angst resulting from a relationship that had gone bad.
makes you wallow, drown yourself temporarily in that pool of bitterness, which isn't so bad at all. it would make you realize that it's not worth it having a dip on that same pool.
expect a flashflood of memories with the heart-piercing lyrics and mellow mood of the song.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

one step at a time

right now, i'm taking life one step at a time. i just got out of college and i'm now in full control of my life. it's up to me to choose which path to take. when i think about it, there's really no path laid for each one of us. there are trails that are left by those who have come ahead. along the way, there are people we meet but as we go on, we'll realize that we are really alone. those people will come and go. we may develop a special attachment to them but really no matter how long they've stayed, they will go.
right now, i'm on my own. it's up to me on how i'm going to get "there." to that place where we will all end up. i have my goals. sort of a mission in life. just like what bo sanchez said, "bite size it!" he gave michael jordan as an example. michael scores 32 points per game. how does he do it? he took it one step at a time. that's 8 points per quarter. oh yeah.