Tuesday, May 5, 2009

moving on is a choice

just a while ago, i semi-intentionally drown myself in sorrow. the moment i woke up this morning, the emptiness in my chest always demands my attention. i totally lost you and a part of me got lost as well. so there goes my sanity. i was reduced to a merely existing individual. it's not really you that i'm craving for in my life. my longing for you carries with it a lot of things. a thought just suddenly sank to my sub-concious mind. moving on from the pain is a choice. you will come to a point where you would have to decide if you'll remain stuck or be practical and move on with your life. now, i've decided to cut the strings that hold me back to my past. it's just not right anymore to be feeling this way when she has moved on long time ago. my focus is business and nothing else. we had a wonderful and bitter past but it's over now and we both have moved on.