Wednesday, May 28, 2008

mixed thoughts

i think i know why it's hard to live life. it's because we walk with no purpose.
Catholics and Christians would always insist that we all should not hold grudges against others. Doctors, Psychologists, etc insist that it has a bad effect in our heart, or to be more particular, in our heart. Really? How do you do that? i know for sure that it's not easy at it seems to be. definitely not. as long as it is retained in the memory, it's not going to be easy to forgive. but sooner or later we all should let go of the pain, mainly for our sake. sour-graping won't do us any good after a long time of doing so. why? because we can't changed what happened in the past. it's there already. it's not like we can do something about it when we feel bitter about it. i guess forgiveness is about accepting for what had happened. with bitterness, revenge is the next thing that our instinct tells us to do, which for me isn't a good idea. c'mon! i wouldn't do that to someone i once professed to love. nyehnyeh.. it sounds stupid but i think the saying "love your enemies" makes sense. because it's the greatest "revenge" of all. your enemy would feel humiliated when you show kindness to them, plus! those gap between you and that person might just be erased. oh yeah.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

feelin better

i hope this would keep on going.. now that i've decided to end everything, i feel like i've set myself free from that prison of "love" i once had for her.. i feel proud because i did a very brave thing..i know.. things will be better as the days come..

Friday, May 16, 2008

unconditional love

This is the last timeThat I will show my faceOne last tender lieAnd then I'm out of this placeSo tread it into the carpetOr hide it under the stairsSay that some things never dieWell I tried and I triedSomething I wasn't sure ofBut I was in the middle ofSomething I forget nowBut I've seen too little of

Out of boredom, I read an article about Gretchen Barretto and her illicit affairs with not just one, not even two men. This leads us to the question..why the hell does Tony Boy Cojuanco still sticks to her? Unconditional love? How pathetic. It’s sad when you stand up for something you thought is worth it. Only to realize in the end that everything’s just wasted. The time, effort, and emotions that you’ve invested are all put to waste. If I were Tony Boy, I’ll die happy with no regrets.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

on being judged and doing things from the heart

i think i know the reason why i have always been mediocre. it's because when i do things, i don't put my heart into it. i don't exactly know why. maybe there is no inner drive. is it just the 'artist' in me? i'm not so sure. maybe i'm putting too much pressure on myself and on things. that is why it's not working. in the end, though, i don't feel a hundred percent satisfied.
right now, i'm finding it hard to write.. to express myself. perhaps i am again putting too much pressure. i guess the fear of being judged is there. i tend to compare myself with other better writers. beside them i feel so small. beside them, i am nothing. in one of my meditations, i realize that all i need is trust in myself and be passionate in anything that i do. it's easier said than done though. i need to meditate more. negative thoughts are easily flooded in my mind. i hate it. i have to say to myself..i want to think positive thoughts. i can do this.

not feeling well

what is really happening to me? i don't really understand what it is that i'm feeling. do i feel sad? do i feel empty? i don't know. it feels like something is missing. i'm not really sure if this was caused by our goodbye. i don't know. should i be sad over someone not worth it? probably i have gotten used to it. the pain is always there, now that we have put an end to it, should i be happy now? hayy..i have to train my mind..

Friday, May 9, 2008

timezone celebrity open

It's a sight to see. TriNoma activity center is flooded with celebs having fun for the 5th Timezone Celebrity Open. Eager on-lookers and fans crowd the surrounding venue of Celebrity Open. This event is also in celebration of Timezone's 10th year anniversary. Starstrucked fans are in awe because famous celebs are just meters away from them. Despite having barricades surrounding the activity center, that only made starstrucked fans more determined to find a perfect spot to take a peek at their favorite celebrities. With 11 teams, fans really did go gaga since celebrities are just walking around inside the venue.
Rafael Prats Jr., Timezone President hopes that this event would foster camaraderie among celebrities. This is also an opportunity to promote the distinctive brand of games that Timezone have. Games such as Ford, Deal or No Deal, Super Trivia, and Super bikes can only be found in Timezone.
To awaken the the adrenaline of participating celebs, the event started off with a cheering competition. Each of the 11 teams, prepared a routine to show off their team's color. Cool green with team members Rica Peralejo, Dianne Medina, Rodjun Cruz, Say Alonzo, Rafael Rosel, and Ping Medina proved their expertise in conquering the stage. With free games, loads of fun and friendly competition with other celebrities, Gaby de la Merced blurts out "What more can you ask for?"
We all have an idea that these celebs have a really hectic schedule. Thanks to the Timezone Celebrity Open they are able to take a few hours off from work. Despite having limited free time for relaxation,