Thursday, January 31, 2008


that's so selfish of you to play with our feelings.. it was very selfish that you only thought of your feelings..after that night, i knew that you're gone.. you wanted to be with me.. but you also can't let go of the other.. there's no need for you to choose.. because i already decided to move on.. as what i always say, we shared something special in the past.. but i just can't cling on that memory anymore.. still, thank you.. i know that there's no future for us..

I KNOW THAT YOU CANNOT LOVE ME LIKE BEFORE.. I'M JUST SOMEONE FROM YOUR PAST.. the past does not exist.. yes, i feel empty.. but then i know i'll find something or someone to fill up that lacking space that you left..thank you..

i hope someday we'll heal all our wounds..

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

true love?

just early this morning i was euphoric because i thought maybe i knew what it's like to truly love someone.. i understood what it's like to love without expecting anything in return.. not to dwell in the past.. and just let things unfold.. i thought i'll be ok.. but then.. there's a stabbing pain when i remember that i'm not the one that she loves.. she tells me that love will always be there.. c'mon.. what's that supposed to mean?

well i guess that's what love is all about.. label it as true.. it still hurts like hell..

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

now i know and i have to let go

fuck life! it's all clear to me now.. she already told me.. i guess it's enough for our closure.. i just want to be happy.. i just want to love again.. i want to feel that love still exists.. it's over.. it's really over.. it's just our past.. it's never coming back.. i have to say goodbye now.. later.. on saturday..